Extended service warranty to Ardan Transformers

עודכן לאחרונה 07/08/2020

MVA cooperates with Ardan Transformers offering an extended warranty service on any new Ardan Transformer


The initial years in a transformer’s life are important: inspecting the transformer during this period have significant advantages:

  • Finding manufacturing defects that can be remedied under warranty.
  • Field testing using advanced oil analysis serve as a basis on which trends are formulated, enabling advanced warning on potential internal problems before they become a major issue.
  • A proper maintenance schedule for each specific transformer can be formulated according to its true load and environment.

Under MVA extended warranty service, the warranty for each transformer is extended from one year to five years, and includes a set of oil analysis tests and scheduled maintenance service that creates a good base for the transformers life.

During the scheduled maintenance and checks we test every aspect of the transformer: electrical tests, oil analysis, protection relays, loads and we provide a health report for each transformer individually.

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