Advanced oil analysis lab

עודכן לאחרונה 07/25/2023

Transformer oil analysis provide vital information on the state of the transformer and its internal condition. It can detect various internal faults such as partial discharge, overheating, hot-spots, sparks and arcs and the general state of the insulation.

One of the most important oil test is the Dissolved Gas Analysis check (DGA). It is the only oil test that can detect a wide range of transformer internal faults.

A suite of basic oil tests include breakdown voltage test (BDV), acidity, interfacial, visual, moisture test and power factor. They all can point to a presence of a problem in the transformer.

An advanced test is the furan level test, which can indicate the remaining life of the transformer.

Our Qualifications (currently)

• Certification for transformer oil sampling, according to the IEC 60475 standard

• Certification for breakdown voltage testing according to the IEC60156 standard

• Certification for oil moisture testing according to the ASTM-D1553 standard

• Certification for testing inhibitor content in oil according to the ASTM-D2668 standard

• Certification for analysis and providing interpretation and opinion for all tests, according to BKM standards, among others IEEE-C57.109

In addition, we perform the following tests in our laboratory (and plan to certify them later):

• Testing gases dissolved in oil according to the ASTM-D3612 standard

• Delta tangent test and oil capacity according to IEC 60247 standard

• Number of neutrality tests according to the IEC 62021-2 standard

• Visual inspection according to the ASTM-D1524 standard

• Testing of furans according to the IEC 61198 standard




Dissolved Gas Analysis Chromatograph
Dissolved gas analysis tester and sample