Transformer On-Site Electrical Checks

עודכן לאחרונה 07/01/2020

On-site electrical tests include two types of tests:

  1. Electrical insulation level such as:

    1. Insulation Resistance Level
    2. Tan-delta and capacitance tests of the transformer and bushings
    3. Partial discharge tests to detect inconsistencies in the insulation medium.
  2. Comparison Electrical tests such as:
    1. Voltage Ratio tests: compares between the nominal ratio and measured ratio for each tap position, to detect internal winding or tap-changer faults.
    2. SFRA tests – compares a measurement of the frequency response to  ‘fingerprint’ measurement and used to detect a wide array of mechanical and electrical faults.

MVA has a full suit of test equipment capable of performing a wide array of on-site tests. These are followed by detailed, expert analysis to help troubleshoot problems in high-voltage transformers.


In Addition, our in-plant HV lab is capable of performing all transformer routine and type tests for transformers up to 20MVA.


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High voltage transformer tests