Transformer Oil Leak Repair

עודכן לאחרונה 06/29/2020

A common problem in transformers is oil leaks from the insulator gaskets, radiator seals or as a result of massive corrosion of thin radiators. In the past, repair was done in a cumbersome, lengthy method that often exposed the oil and solid insulation to moisture.

The traditional method involved:

  • Oil draining to a level below the leak.
  • Dismantling of the insulator, exposing the oil and sometime part of the core to external moist air.
  • Replacement of gaskets or an attempt to weld the radiator leak.
  • Validation that the leak is sealed after oil filling and a repeat of the procedure if it is not.
  • Oil circulation under hot vacuum (rarely done).

We specialize in sealing oil leaks, including active leaks in the radiators using advanced materials that save both time and effort, and significantly reduce the risk to transformer damage involved in dismantling the insulators and the resulting exposure to moisture. The novel method is an elegant solution to an old problem.

MVA’s method of oil leak seal does not require to drain the oil and therefore there is no need to dry the oil at the end of the procedure. The materials used for the seal are resistant to oil and to hot temperature, UV light, water and dust. It is often the only viable method to seal leaks in radiators and its advantages over the tradtional methods are numerous

Our advanced oil leak sealing method has the following major advantages:

  • Significantly cheaper in cost, time and effort compared to insulator disassembly, gaskets replacement and oil circulation.
  • Significantly reduced risk to the transformer as a result of no exposure to outside moist air, and reduced risk of ceramic breakage of the insulator.
  • In most cases, it takes a fraction of the time compared to traditional method, reducing transformer downtime.
  • A viable method of repairing an oil leak where it is almost impossible to do in any other method, such as corroded radiators
  • A comparable or better longevity compared to gasket replacement, and identical warranty given for the repair.
  • In some cases, where the leak is at the bottom of the radiator on large transformers, the repair can be done while the transformer is energized (depending on specific location, of course).

We warranty our method with the same warranty period given to gasket replacement!

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Leak repair without needing to dismantle insulator

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