MVA – Tests and Services for HV Transformers

עודכן לאחרונה 12/04/2022

MVA specializes in tests and services for high voltage transformers and systems: troubleshooting, advanced oil analysis, electrical tests, maintenance and repairs of high voltage and ultra-high voltage transformers.



On-Site transformers and HV system tests:

   Ratio tests and on-line tap chager test.בדיקות שנאים: בדיקות חשמליות מתקדמות

   Sweep frequency response analysis test –The most advanced test to detect internal mechanical faults and a wide range of electrical faults

   Insulation Resistance Test: Tan-delta, capacitance and insulation tests.

   On-Line-Tap-Changer tests  for MR, HM tap changers.

   Themographic imaging for detection of hot-spots and overheating faults.

   Electrical cabinets and switchgear .

   Advanced transformer oil analysis:

בדיקת גזים מומסים בשמן במעבדה אנליטית

Advanced oil analysis lab, the only lab in Israel that performs dissolved gas analysis, enabling rapid turn-around and results in a short time. Advanced oil analysis are a key tool to troubleshoot internal problems in the transformer and even an indication to the remaining life of the transformer.




 In-plant transformers tests:

We provide the entire routine and type test suits including insulation tests, ratio, impedance, impuse, partial discharge, noise level, short-circuit over-voltage.


   On-site services and repairsאיטום נזילות ללא ריקון שמן

Oil leak repair using novel method without need for oil draining/dismantling insulators. 




סינון שמן באתר השנאי

Transformer oil drying and filtration up to 6000L/h using one of the largest mobile vacuum drying machines. We are the only company able to perform drying while the transformer is energized (for critical transformers)



On-Line Tap Changer checks and services

Scheduled maintenance, tests and services for MR online tap-changers. We are an authorized MR and MR compatible representative able to perform all services for OLTC with full support from the manufacturer.


In-plant repairs and services for transformers up to 20MVA:

  • Coil rewinding and replacement
  • Vacuum oven drying
  • Oil treatment/replacement
  • Auxiliary system replacement: tap-changers/protection relays/valves.

Special Services:

Extended warranty for new Ardan transformers

Seminars and consulting: we give seminars at professional conferences, Technion and engineering schools.