In-Plant HV transformer test lab

עודכן לאחרונה 07/01/2020

In plant, our HV test lab can perform all the post-manufacturing transformer tests:

  • Impulse test – checks the transformer withstand capability to a current pulse, simulating initial energizing of the transformer.
  • Partial Discharge test – a check that detects material defects in the insulation layer (such as microscopic cracks).
  • Noise level test – used to detect issues with the core lamination and connection tightness.
  • Over-voltage test – used to detect the transformer withstand to voltages beyond nominal voltage.
  • Insulation tests such as Insulation Resistance test and Tandelta tests – these electrical tests check the insulation level between core parts of the transformer such as the coil and tank, HV coils to LV coils.
  • Winding resistance test – used to detect shorts and disconnects inside each winding
  • Loss test – used to check the no-load losses of the transformer
  • Ratio test – used to detect internal defects in the windings and tap-changer.