Israel Design Center for large transformers

עודכן לאחרונה 01/18/2021

MVA in cooperation with BEST established a power transformer Design, Research and Development Center in Israel!


IDC employs some of Israel’s top-level transformer design engineers with experience of over 20 years in research and design of large power transformers.

IDC is located in Kfar-Saba, in one of Israel’s high-tech centers.

The main goal of IDC is to create a tailor-made solution of every specific power transformer according to its load profile, enviromental and client demand. The result are engineering design documents that ensure that the manufactured transformer is optimally suited to its expected role.

MVA-IDC הדמיית תלת ממד של שנאי גדול
MVA-IDC 3D imaging of a large transformer


The transformer is built according to the latest relevant standards: IEC, ANSI, GOST, ASTM

The IDC design team is in constant contact with the design and manufacturing departments at BEST, combining the local design know-how with BEST manufacuring capabilities.

The design at IDC begins with a preliminary electric design of the coils and core, choice of the insulator, accessories and tap changer – all while being in constant contact with the client. The large currents and high voltage are the primary parameters in the design of the power transformer.

The mechical design of the tank takes into account the pressures involved, earthquake withstand, heat transfers, noise level and many other parameters. All undergo rigorous simulations.

במקביל, התכנון המכני אחראי לתכנון המיכל על הלחצים הפועלים בו, עומסי זרמי קצר, עמידות ברעידות אדמה

IDC - סימולצית מאמצים מכניים
MVA – IDC – Simulation of mechanical forces

We can help you customize the transformer to your specific needs – so let us be involved at an early stage of the design loop to maximize our capabilities and optimize the transformer you need..


Our service includes consulting from the initial design constraints, through detailed design, final specification, manufacturing supervision, final acceptance testing, installation, commissioning and on-site testing. This is followed by warranty service and post-warranty service. .

MVA-IDC - סימולטור פיזור חום בשנאי
MVA-IDC – Simulation of heat dissipation


MVA-IDC סימולטור פיזור רעש בשנאי
MVA-IDC Simulation of noise levels