ETOS – Embedded Transformer Operating System

עודכן לאחרונה 05/31/2023

ETOS – Embedded Transformer Operating System is a novel monitoring and control system, designed and manufactured by MR, that enables avanced, AI based monitoring for critical power transformers.

Today, as a result of a wide range of transformer monitoring accessories from different manufacturers, using different protocols, coupled with different demands from the customer – all these create difficulties in characterizing the monitoring and control of a power transformer, installation and configuration of the controllers and their particular protocols and overall integration of the system.

In addition, power transformers and power stations in general and their control and monitoring system create preferred cyber security attack surfaces and this aspect alone complicates the commissioning and maintenance of the monitoring system.

ETOS solves many of these problems by providing a system that is modular, flexible, easy to configure and powerful running 24/7 with advanced analysis and monitoring software – an all-in-one solution for preventive and predictive transformer maintenance.

ETOS is built with three (conceptual) layers:

Layer 1: contains the sensors and monitoring accessories built on the transformer. These could be specified for new transformers and also built retrofitting existing transformers. The type of sensors include typical, traditional sensors such as oil levels, oil and winding temperatures, gas relays, pressure relief valves. Other advanced sensors may include Dissolved Gas Analyzer, fiber-optic direct temperature sensors, bushing insulation monitoring and of course the OLTC controller.

Layer 2: contains the local ETOS system. This could be retrofitted into the OLTC cabinet (space permitting) or installed in its own, cyber-secured cabinet. It contains the local monitoring and control system with its own processor, software and user interface. It is very easy to configure and maintain, conforms to all of the existing communication protocols and has capability to connect to both a control room and an Artificial intelligence software running on Layer 3.

Layer 3: contains a server running an AI engine that reads data from tens of thousands of transformers and a vast database with current and historical data. The system continuously compares data from the monitored transformer to similar transformers and is able to predict faults and maintenance issues in real time. This enables deep analysis of three important aspects;

  • Operational Expense Risk – predictive risk analysis for the short and intermediate term.
  • Capital Expense Risk – predictive risk analysis for the remaining life of the transformer, allowing the ordered purchase of a replacement with little or no operational interruption.
  • Efficiently divide the transformer population to those that need attention, and those that operate acceptably.


To summarize, ETOS provides the most advanced monitoring and control system for power transformers, enabling novel preventive and predictive maintenance.

MVA is certified to commission, retrofit and maintain the ETOS hardware and software.